Fasting and Weight Loss

Will fasting help you to effectively lose weight and body fat? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because fasting will reduce body fat and help you to lose weight. No, because you will not be able to maintain your weight loss. As soon as you begin eating, you will gain back what you lost and then fast again to lose the weight. That is exactly what we want to stay away from; yo-yo dieting. Clearly, you will not have addressed bad eating habits and why you over eat. First you need to create a healthier diet, and then if you want to fast to jump start your weight loss you can go back to your healthy diet plan.

How Can We Do That?

During fasting you can possibly break addictions to food and when the fasting is over go back to eating healthy. The fast is more about getting rid of addictions with food than the actual weight loss. Fasting can be an inspiring way to start a healthier lifestyle.

Here is a healthy, balanced program for weight management that can be used long term.

Off to a Great Start

Establishing a healthy diet is the only way to manage your weight; you have to eat. One of the hardest challenges in maintaining weight is getting control over what we eat, how much we eat, how fast we eat, why we eat and what fitness activity we are doing on a daily basis. We tend to eat to feed our cravings rather than for nutritional purposes. Usually those cravings are for all the wrong foods such as foods high in salt and sugar. Think about it. Have you had a broccoli attack recently? Unfortunately, our cravings for those bad foods will never be satisfied, therefore we tend to over eat way to much of the bad foods.

Fasting – A New Beginning

When fasting for 30 days, you most likely will break bad eating habits and the physical part of food addictions. Fasting becomes more effective the longer you do it. However, a 30 day fast may not always break ties that are emotional.

Fasting can provide a distinct beginning for a new you. We are so personally involved with eating we can actually experience yearning, remorse and loneliness as if there was a death of a friend when we give up our addictions of food.

This comfort of these foods can come at a high price.

Creating a healthier lifestyle is difficult because throughout the years you may have easily fallen into visible disrepair. It will demand a strong exercise of your will. Fasting can be a great way to create a new beginning.

Finally, you will great momentum with fasting. When you begin to lose weight rapidly a sense of excitement will occur and the hope and foresight that, hey, I can do this. Fasting is a push in the right direction.