What Trophies Mean To The Manchester United Football Club

Manchester United Football Club is potentially the most well-known football club on earth. It has won more football trophies than any other team in the English league. Despite its relatively ignominious beginnings, Manchester United has become the most hated, most feared and most beloved football clubs of all time.

The football club did not exist until the late 1800s when railway workers, originally known as the Newton Health LYR (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway), developed the club. The railway workers originally wore the company’s colors of green and gold; however, the team’s official colors changed as years passed. In the 1960s the famous red strip was reflected in the unofficial adoption of the name, The Red Devils. Originally, the Red Devil strip was only used during championship matches; however, there were various other occasions when fans would fly the red banner high and proud!

In 1910, the club relocated to Old Trafford and this was when the legend of Manchester Unit really began.

Arguably the most famous Man United era began in 1968 when, under the management of Matt Busby, the club won the European Cup for the first time, and were the first English club to do this. What made the victory even more famous was that the trophy was won only ten years after the Munich air disaster that claimed eight players’ lives. The Munich air disaster became a focal point for clubs developing supremacy and spurring legions of supporters to light the fuse of fanatical team devotion – a devotion that continues to exist today!

Of course, the most well-known element in Manchester United’s history is the dominant management and direct provided by Alex Ferguson – the current and most successful of its football managers. Since becoming the club manager in 1986, Ferguson has led the club to 26 major victories including four league cups, 11 FA cups and 18 league titles.

One of the best ways to view the history of Manchester United’s success if by looking at it through the decades.

In the 1970s – Matt Busby led the club to its first European championship only ten years after losing eight players in the Munich air disaster tragedy.

In the 1980s – Manchester United experienced a bad time by being knocked out of the FA Cup early in the season after losing to Ipswich Town 6-0. During this period, the club was on the brink of relegation several times when the club managers decided to was time to change direction.

In the 1990s – Manchester United saw a re-emergence of glory under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson winning their first FA Cup in several years by defeating Crystal Palace. This was a fantastic beginning to the decade and was the forerunner to 20 years of football excellence where Man United was the greatest club in the English league. The team won the European Cup in 1991 by defeating Barcelona 23 years after their previous win in Europe. Since the 1990s, Manchester United has grown from strength to strength.

The shelves of Manchester United Football Club are filled with trophies reflecting a glorious past with the promised of an equally fulfilling and competitive future.